My vehicles aren’t in one place, do you travel?

We have done hundreds of thousands of installs nationwide. Our project management is second to none! From 500 vehicle in one town or 5000 vehicles across the country, we can get it done!

Whats your warranty?

Safe Fleet Solutions has a one year workmanship warranty on all of its installations!

I’m busy! Do I have to be there while you install?

All we need is the equipment, vehicles and keys, we can leave the keys and equipment in a designated area at the end of each day so you can focus on business as usual.

My fleet runs all day, can you install in the afternoon, evening or on weekends?

We install on your schedule, morning, afternoon or night, weekend or week day!

Do you have experience installing my technology?

Our technicians have a wide variety of experience installing all types of technology!

How soon can you get started?

We are always ready to serve our customers usually within one to two weeks, contact us for availability.

Do you QC your work?

All of our installations are monitored LIVe in our office. We see every install before its buttoned up!

I’ve got a big project, how many techs do you have?

We are always looking for the best talent to join our ranks, we are able to scale to meet any demand!

Do you have technicians local to me?

While we have technicians around the country, we don’t focus on supporting any specific cities or states. We provide the best value in large to meadium scale deployments where travel isn’t an issue. Contact us for a quote

I’m a 12 volt technician, are you hiring?

We are always looking for the best talent to join our ranks, click here to send us your credintials!

Still got questions on fleet technology quality control, maintenance, and deployment?  Want to know if we service the type of technology you need assistance with, or work with your industry?  Give us a call at (224) 800-1545.  We’re glad to assist you!